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Laser Etching & Engraving

With CNC laser etching you get quality legible designs on all of your products. Sunrise Tool is excited to announce our new laser etching capabilities. Etching can be done on various types and sizes of materials and surfaces. Etching sizes are 16"x 20" and 6" diameter.

CNC Machining

Complex milling operations are performed with Sunrise Tools' CNC machining department.  State-of-the-art multi-axis equipment is fully CAD/CAM capable, enabling a complete range of precise milling, drilling and turning operations.  CNC machining is also used to perform secondary operations to produce more complex tool configurations.  Machining capabilities are up to 20"x 40".  Sunrise Tool also offers in-house CAD engineering service for design of new or modification of existing parts. 


At Sunrise Tool the induction brazing process is most frequently utilized for the bonding of carbide cutting tips to various tools or tool holders.  Brazed joints can withstand shock and vibration and are unaffected by temperature change - all present in the tooling and cutting processes.  Induction brazing is a proven process that has become a specialty "niche" at Sunrise Tool. 


Sunrise Tool maintains total process control with every tool produced.  Throughout the entire manufacturing process, the part is continuously inspected and tested for dimensional accuracy and consistency.  Full final inspection and a timely delivery schedule assures that production goals are met and our dedication to quality remains unquestionable. Our new Keyence IM-Series lets us measure multiple dimensions on a part in a matter of seconds. Accuracy is within microns.

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